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Admission & Moving

Criteria for admission

The school is run by the local Board of Education and is open to international families living in the area on a temporary basis.

The criteria for admission are:

  • Pupils in international families moving to Älmhult and staying for a limited time.
  • Pupils in families moving to Älmhult or the region who have attended an International School abroad for a major part of their education and therefore have a reason to complete his/her education in an International School.
  • Pupils living permanently in Älmhult or the region who in the near future will continue their education in an International School abroad. (Pupils need, by law, to be able to speak enough English to follow the lessons . This is not a criteria for pupils starting the pre-school.)

Students moving

When moving, please submit the registration form PDF (pdf, 632.9 kB)to the present class teacher / mentor well in advance of the move.

Admission Forms

* Download and save the PDF document to be able to digitally fill-in the details.

Moving Pupils